Travel planning for greener, cleaner journeys

Parking for bicyclesOur latest “In Focus” briefing looks at travel planning. You can download the briefing for free from The Knowledge Exchange website

by James Carson

A travel plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting greener, cleaner travel choices and reducing reliance on the car. The measures can include incentives to encourage walking and cycling, promotion of public transport and the development of car-sharing clubs.

Many local authorities now require developers to submit travel plans as part of a planning application, in order to minimise the impact of a development on the road network. Other public sector bodies, such as universities, and private sector businesses have developed their own travel plans, and the briefing contains some examples from around the UK.

As the briefing explains, travel plans have benefits for different groups of stakeholders, including developers, employers and individuals, and have also been regarded as instrumental in improving public health, reducing traffic congestion and supporting sustainable development.

The briefing outlines the steps involved in developing and implementing a travel plan, and concludes by considering the future of travel planning.

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