Putting research at the heart of UK public policy

word cloud of search terms
by Alex Addyman and James Carson

At the heart of The Knowledge Exchange is a comprehensive database of hundreds of thousands of articles, research reports, and policy documents covering 40 years of UK public policy. The database is known as the Idox Information service and users include:

  • Social researchers and analysts
  • Policy advisors and policy officers
  • Research managers and organisational librarians
  • Consultants and bid managers in the private sector
  • Council leaders and councillors
  • Council strategy departments or departmental policy specialists
  • Front-line practitioners and managers in public services

We also support universities, think-tanks, and the voluntary sector to understand and keep up-to-date in public and social policy.

The word cloud below, containing member search terms from April, gives an idea of the kinds of content we have in the Information Service. Terms such as “planning” and “social” often feature in searches, but “Scotland” also featured strongly during April, along with “resilience”, “regeneration” and “economic”.

To find out how you can access the database click here.


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