Public Health Information Network for Scotland (PHINS) – 14th Seminar

Image of outside of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Image by Neil Turner under Creative Commons License, via Flickr

By Steven McGinty

On the 10th October I attended an annual event organised by the Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO) in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. The event focused on health inequalities and the factors driving them. It brought together individuals from a variety of areas, including academia, public health organisations, local and central government, and the voluntary sector to review current evidence, highlight upcoming research and debate key issues with fellow professionals. Continue reading

Improving the built environment: how to tackle vacant and derelict buildings

a derelict ruined building with pigeons perched on

by Laura Dobie

As the built environment plays an important role in creating a sense of place and community identity, vacant and derelict buildings can have a damaging effect on local areas, hampering regeneration efforts. They create a sense of neglect in neighbourhoods and communities, and, if located in prominent areas, can have a considerable negative effect on surrounding households, businesses and amenities. Continue reading