Are people really afraid of immigration or are they afraid of change?

immigration centre

by Alex Addyman

Immigration is a hot topic – so hot indeed that according to recent research it could decide who runs the country in two years’ time. But, as recent research from The Economist highlights, the extent of immigration concern amongst voters and the evidence from previous immigrant waves is at odds. Continue reading

Understanding income inequality

income inequality

Are Local Authorities the saviour of the UK high street?

“High streets are the heart of towns and communities. They have been for centuries. People are passionate about high streets.” Mary Portas (2011)

As the quote from Mary Portas above suggests the British high street is something cherished by communities around the country. Built up over hundreds of years in towns and cities the country over they are a quintessentially British thing. Yet despite this fondness high streets have struggled to keep pace with the rapidly evolving economy of the 21st Century. They have been withered away by the enormous growth in online shopping and the near omnipresent out-of-town retail developments which are more accessible and free of many of the physical constraints of town centres. This is demonstrated through government statistics which show a clear decline in high street sales since the turn of the millennium. Continue reading