Knowledge Exchange Briefing: Housing Retrofits

hands showing home sign

by James Carson

The team at The Knowledge Exchange have recently started producing briefing papers on subjects of particular interest to our members (and potential members). One of our latest briefings focuses on the challenge of retrofitting houses in the UK to make them energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The briefing covers three main areas: Retrofit features and technologies; The benefits of, and barriers to, retrofit; Government retrofit measures.

In addition, the briefing includes case studies highlighting examples of good practice in domestic retrofits, both in the UK and overseas. There’s also a selection of reports, articles and websites providing further information on housing retrofits.

You can download this briefing and others in the series from here

 Articles relevant to this briefing (please note you must be a member to access them):

Green Deal: one year on, IN Building, 31 Jan 2014, pp20-22
Eco ambitions wrecked (energy company obligation), IN Inside Housing, 17 Jan 2014, pp12-13
Retrofitting the Green Deal
An assessment of low energy design practices in housing retrofit projects, IN Energy Procedia, Vol 42 2013, pp193-200
Sustainable buildings: making buildings fit for future – Warsaw (Cities in Action case study)

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